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10+ Home Based Business Opportunities In India

10+ Home Based Business Opportunities In India

Home Based Business Opportunities In India

Work From Home Job For Housewives | Make Fresh Flower Jewellery At Home. Are you a housewife and looking for work from home jobs? If yes, then you have come to the right place! FRESH FLOWER Jewellery making is the best way to earn money and making financial investment or putting a lot of time.
 Whether you are a student, housewife or a working professional after watching this Ad you will know how to earn money by making fresh flower jewellery in India. 
FLOWER JEWELLERY is the best HOME BASED JOB for anyone looking to do part-time jobs or want to earn.
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नारी भी बन सकती है व्यापारी | घर बैठे लाखों कमाएं

How do I start a small business from home?
Home-based businesses tend to be the most convenient and manageable small business ideas. 
That said, not all great business ideas are suited for home offices, so make sure your business can be conducted from home – jobs with onsite needs and heavy in-person demands might not be suitable. In your business plan and budget, be sure to incorporate any office supplies and tools that make your online business ideas feasible, such as a separate business computer, a proper desk, high-speed internet, filing cabinets and a website for your business.
If you're ready to run your own business, consider any of these 15 great business ideas.
What business can I start from home in India?

1. Making Fresh Flower Jewellery at home

Making Fresh Flower Jewellery at home
Real Flower Jewellery Is Successful Home Based Business Ideas in India. If you are having a great skill in creativity and fine arts, then you can easily start a business making Fresh Flower Jewellery and have an individual business and stable income source. Over that, it always feels great to use your creativity and skills for your own profitability rather than working under others. There are many who love to work with Flowers in their leisure time make variety of Real Flower Jewellery etc. They can easily turn their hobby of making Fresh Flower Jewellery at home into a successful home business. Currently Our Candidate Earn Rs.45000/- to Rs.80000/-Per Month. Its Trending Business In Indian Market. Compare To Other Business There Are No Competition​ you can get easily order in your city. Click Here For More Information. Best Option For Women Work From Home. Click Here !!

2.Graphic designer

Graphic designer
Corporations, small businesses and sole proprietors all need eye-catching promotional materials, but not nearly everybody has an eye for what looks good. 
If you've got an artistic streak and know how to organize content into a visually pleasing format, you can start a graphic design business to provide flyers, digital ads, posters and other engaging visual materials. 
Graphic design also has the benefit of requiring few physical tools beyond a laptop and a desk. Click Here!!

3. Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service
Tiffin service is one of the fastest growing businesses in urban and semi-urban India. Delivery of meals at workplaces as well as to residences has seen an increase in demand due to the convenience it offers, especially to working individuals. Initial investment required is also quite less, which makes tiffin service one among numerous the good business ideas in India.
Aspiring entrepreneurs can thus cash in on this opportunity and give shape to their business idea. Providing fresh, home-cooked, wholesome meals thus by far remains among the top few business ideas in India. Click Here!!

4. Day Care Centre

Day Care Centre
This is another option for women seeking to run a business. All you need is to be is responsible and affectionate towards children. With many couples preferring to work nowadays, there is an increasing demand for quality day care services. Such a business idea will involve considerable investment in the setting up of the facility and hiring workers who are skilled in childcare. A lending instrument like a flexi loan is flexible enough to meet the working capital requirements for running such as facility. Click Here!!

5. Urban Farming

Urban Farming
With real estate prices soaring, space comes at a premium in metro cities. However, if you have some extra space to spare, urban farming can turn out to be a very profitable business. Herb farming is a good option, as herbal products are witnessing a surge in demand. Not only herbal plants, even vegetable and flowers can be included. Such business ideas will require investment in setting up of infrastructure like drip irrigation, hydroponics systems, etc. The possibilities are endless and rewarding too. Click Here!!

6. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing
If you are gifted with words and have a penchant for writing, then this will be a great option for you. Start by writing on topics that you have knowledge about and slowly expand into other areas. With the help of great content production and an expanding client list, you can turn this into a good business in no time. Click Here!!

7. Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency
Most insurance companies are hiring freelance insurance agents these days. Therefore, becoming an insurance agent can be an excellent work from home option. Insurance companies pay a certain amount to the agent for selling the policy. Agents also receive a commission on further premiums paid by the insured.
Another reason which makes insurance agency a lucrative business option is the extensive range of insurance products available in the market to suit all sorts of risk. One can ask people to insure anything and everything, such as life, health, home, car, two-wheeler, jewelry, commercial property, electronics, et al.
To start a career as an insurance agent in India, one needs to be a graduate and qualify an exam conducted by IRDA. The person then becomes eligible to associate with multiple insurance companies as an insurance advisor or agent. Click Here!!

8. Coaching Classes

 Coaching Classes
This is another popular work from home business option for people who are good at some subjects or even one of them.
In an attempt to excel in their academics, most students these days take up private tuitions. One just needs to set up a classroom with some basic furniture and a black/whiteboard. You would need to buy some books or related study material too.
The students’ community get in coaching classes include guidance from the best brains in the field and use of technology, which helps in understanding the concepts better.
However, if you are not willing to transform a part of your house into a coaching institute, you can also opt for giving coaching online. There are many national and international virtual coaching institutes that employ freelance tutors.
You can even start online tutoring independently. Good subject knowledge, a computer/laptop and a smooth internet connection are the things you would need in that case. Click Here!!

9. Semi-Precious and Imitation Jewellery Store

 Imitation Jewellery Store
People these days are much more conscious about their looks and style sense than ever. Apart from carrying great outfits, they also want to don modern and trendy accessories. But most of them cannot afford to buy the expensive gold, diamond or silver jewelry now and then. Moreover, artificial and semi-precious jewelry is available in oodles of captivating styles, capable of catching everyone’s attention. These reasons have added to the popularity of imitation and semi-precious jewelry, making it a profitable home-based business venture.
Stock up some knick-knacks and sell them offline as well as online. Ensure good quality and price competitiveness with all your products to expand your customer base rapidly. For that, you would need to connect with a reliable wholesaler who follows the same practice. Click Here!!

10. Day Care and Pre-School for Toddlers 
Parents today are a lot more conscious about picking the right day care and pre-school for their little one than they ever were. Especially in families where both parents are working, and there is no one at home to take care of the child due to which the little one needs to be looked after by a day care. Such parents want the playschool as well the day care of their child to be spic and span, furnished will all ultra-modern facilities, providing healthy meals, maintained by friendly staff and capable of taking care of all the needs of their toddler.
Aspiring entrepreneurs who think that they are capable and willing to go ahead with this business idea can either establish their unit or take franchise of a brand already established well. Click Here!!

Government Schemes for Women: The government also provides financing for female small business owners to boost their development and make them independent. These loans have low interest rates and don’t require any collateral. One such example is the Mudra Yojana Scheme for Women; it encourages women to setup their own small enterprise with minimum hassle. Thus, we can see that in a country like India, with a vibrant economy and an ever-aspiring female population looking to establish themselves, opportunities are many. Online lenders are ready to assist women in this journey to realize their dreams by providing a scalable and flexible mode of finance designed to take financial worries off the shoulders of women entrepreneurs.

Home Based Business Opportunities In India

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